Everything is based on availability. The goal is to provide our customers with the best possible accommodations that are available at the time of booking. To ensure this please provide at least 60 days advance notice for all reservations.
Yes. Let your agent know you are interested in upgrading and they will provide a variety of options. If you have not mailed in your certificate yet, you can indicate your upgrade requests at that time
This will depend on the type of upgrade you request and the time of year you are travelling. Please make this inquiry when you make your reservations and Grand Incentives travel agents will be happy to assist you.
To take advantage of the savings that are offered with our programs you do have to select from the destinations that our provided. Grand Incentives is a full scale travel agent so if you are looking to travel to a destination that is not in one of the programs we offer Grand Incentives can certainly make those reservations for you at your own expense.
Most certainly. Just make this request when you are placing your reservation, and this will definitely be accommodated.
Unfortunately, you would be responsible for your own transportation to and from the resort. However, we would be happy to assist in making those arrangements.

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